[Amazon product pages]Creation, composition and correction Service[Increased sales by 30% or more]

We help Chinese manufacturers to create, structure, and correct their product pages for in order to sell.

Simply by changing the current product page to a product page that the Japanese prefer, you can expect to increase sales by 30% or more.We can also help you create new pages.

Of course, the text you create can be used on your Rakuten sales page.

Amazon product pages are created to Japanese tastes

To avoid damage from companies selling inferior products from China and Korea, Japanese customers choose buyers who are familiar with Japan.

Did you know that there are phrases that Japanese people avoid when choosing products on Amazon? There is also the staging of images that Japanese customers dislike.


For example, you may see product names such as “令和5年最新モデル” or “令和最新版” but this does not work at all. Japanese people tend to avoid products sold by foreign sellers whose Japanese is poor.


In the title, Chinese sellers’ product titles are keyword-heavy, which is counterintuitive and SEO-disadvantageous.
Amazon’s terms and conditions state that the title must be 50 characters or less. Long titles are not advantageous.
Also, titles that are too long are disliked by Japanese shoppers.
And products without “Manufacturer’s Name” and “Model Number” will lose the desire to purchase.


Mistranslation, font, description

It is also important that the description not contain Chinese character fonts.


Japanese buyers prefer natural Japanese explanations. AI-translated product descriptions are not good.Products with poor Japanese may be judged to be inferior products being sold by Chinese or Korean companies.

And long sentences that do not convey the content are also disliked.


Unnatural expressions spoil the image of the product. For example, the image below describes the product as “dirty water,” which is not good because it conjures up images of toilet or other domestic sewage. Correctly, it should be introduced as used water.


Another characteristic of Chinese sellers is the inclusion of unnecessary action effects in their images, which is also disliked by the Japanese.

This extra image presentation helps people to see that the company is a Chinese sales company and avoid purchasing the product.

Introduce products with appropriate text to motivate customers to buy.

  • Give the best product name
  • Use easy-to-understand images
  • Set search keywords that are relevant to your needs
  • Emphasize clarity in product descriptions


  • Correction of existing sales pages: US$ 330
    Correctly proofread existing Amazon product pages.
  • Creation of pages from documents: US$ 440
    Send me your product materials and I will create the wording for your Amazon page.
  • Aliexpress➡Amazon page conversion: US$ 400
    Translate Aliexpress and other sales web data into Amazond product pages.

*We will also produce phrases to be inserted in the images.


Work schedule

1, For application and consultation, please contact us via e-mail form or DM on X (Twitter).

2, After meeting by e-mail, please send us the product data, introduction and desired keywords.

3, We will send you a composition of the relevant section in the Amazon product page (PDF and Text)

4, You edit your Amazon page by copying and pasting the text data we send you.You are welcome to consult with us if you need translations beyond the specified sections.

5,Please pay when the work is completed.


Other Support

We can introduce you to influential bloggers and YouTubers who can help you get the most out of your gadget.
Also, if you provide me with a product, I will post a product review article on my gadget blog at no cost to you.



Payment Methods

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.


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